5 Diet Mistakes That Make You Never Lose Weight


Have you ever felt bored and tired of diets that don't work? Or feel that dieting is something torturous and unpleasant? You are not alone ! Most people, especially women also feel the same way. It turns out that this can also be caused by the wrong diet.

Intrigued by what is wrong in your diet? Let's look at the following explanation.

1. Skipping meals

Diet tends to be associated with fasting, not eating dinner, holding back hunger so it tends to torture yourself. This is the most common mistake that almost everyone encounters.

According to experts from the Harvard Faculty of Medicine, a proper diet is actually supported by balanced nutrition, namely sufficient calories for energy to work and sufficient micronutrients to support bodily functions.

2. The main goal of the diet: lose weight

According to experts, 70% of our body weight is formed by the water content in our body, not fat. So that if the water level in our bodies drops, for example due to severe dehydration, then our weight will automatically decrease, but the weight loss is actually not healthy for our bodies.

Therefore, what should be the target of our diet is a decrease in fat levels in the body. One of them can be measured from the abdominal circumference.

3. Sleep = fattening the body

Not a few people have the perception that long sleep activities can fatten the body. It is not completely wrong. If the ratio between activity and sleep time is not balanced, it can happen. So that not infrequently people tend to reduce their rest time. Whereas the key to a healthy diet is adequate rest, because stress on the body can actually increase blood sugar levels which can be fattening.

4. Instant diet products

All good results must be born of persistent effort, it is impossible to come instantly. According to experts from John Hopkins University, the breakdown of fat in the body takes approximately 1 month with a healthy lifestyle. Sudden weight loss can interfere with the body's normal metabolism so that the body looks 'shocked' and actually causes disease.

5. Only eat vegetables and fruit, avoid heavy meals

This is also common, especially in young people on a calorie diet. However, by avoiding heavy meals, the body will be hungry more easily. When the body feels hungry, the body will try to survive by increasing blood sugar levels so that the energy it needs is fulfilled. When the body is no longer able to survive, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels) will occur, which can cause fainting, even life-threatening. So one of the keys to a good diet is to feel full with low calorie levels, but adequate nutrition.

source idntimes.com