Interesting Facts About Makeup, do you know yet?


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Makeup is now an important part of a woman's life. Many women admit they don't believe in going outside without using an eyebrow pencil, lipstick, and lashes. Even girls in certain age groups not only know how to use mascara and eyeliner, but also apply facial contour makeup to create higher cheekbones and a thinner nose and chin.

It turns out that the make-up world has a unique history behind its development to date, huh! We are fortunate to have lived in a sophisticated and modern era so that cosmetics can be obtained easily and their safety is guaranteed. Let me not be curious, let's take a look at the following unique facts about the world of cosmetics


1. Prohibition of Using Red Lipstick

In the 1940s, women were prohibited from wearing red lipstick even though they were acting in a film. Interestingly, the beautiful actress Elizabeth Taylor is the only woman allowed to wear red lipstick.

2. Makeup Used by Young Women

It turns out that over the times, facial cosmetics have been popularly used by young women. Noted, 60% of girls 12 years have used cosmetics.

3. The word Cosmetics Comes from Greece

Do you know? Although the word cosmetics comes from Greek, it is in fact the Egyptians who first used the word.

4. Geisha Powder from Bird Droppings

Geisha are traditional Japanese entertainers who are synonymous with white facial makeup and blood red lip cosmetics. Interestingly, the white makeup worn by geisha is not ordinary powder, but is processed by nightingale droppings and is believed to help fight facial wrinkles.

5. M.A.C Founded by Men

While cosmetic companies are usually synonymous with women, this is different from the well-known cosmetics company M.A.C. In fact, M.A.C was founded in 1985 by two men named Frank Tuscan and Frank Angelo.

6. Leeches As A Cosmetic Tool

These days, we apply powder to give a white effect to the face. However, in ancient times, women used leeches to make their skin appear whiter or paler. Impressed quite extreme, huh!

7. Cosmetic Surgery in South Korea

Maybe you have heard this fact before. To date, South Korea is still listed as the country with the highest rate of cosmetic surgery in the world.

8. Eliminate Facial Freckles with Urine

When skin care was not yet invented, women in ancient times used disgusting ingredients such as urine and crocodile fat to get rid of dark spots on their faces.

9. Using Belladonna Plant Sap on the Eyes

This action, which is quite extreme, was once performed by Roman women whose aim was to give the impression of making the pupils look bigger and sexier. Of course this method does not last long, considering that the sap of the belladonna plant species is very poisonous.

10. Coco Channel Changes the Perspective of the Sun.

Unlike today, a few years ago, black skin due to sunbathing was often associated with a field worker or lower class society. However, Coco Channel succeeded in changing this perspective by popularizing swimwear or bikinis. A discovery that deserves thumbs up, yes!

11. Hairy underarms the usual thing

In 1915, the Wilkinson Sword Razor company made quite a splash by showing a photo of a woman on the cover of Harper's Bazaar with hairy armpits.

12. Must Request Permission to Wear Cosmetics

This fact does seem hard to believe. In Morrisville, Pennsylvania, women must ask permission before putting cosmetics on their faces. Fortunately, this rule was ignored by the local community. Even so, until now this unique regulation has never been revoked.

13. Coal Tar as Mascara

Before the discovery of various eye cosmetic products, during the Elizabeth era, women generally used coal tar as a substitute for mascara and eyeliner.

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14. Wearing Expensive Makeup That Was Against the Law

"Lex Oppia" is a law established in Roman times that limits not only a woman's wealth, but also her appearance. That means, women should not use makeup and fragrances, especially those imported from countries such as China and Germany. Thankfully, the law was finally abolished 20 years later.

15. Illegal Neon Nail Polish in the United States

Love to use very bright nail polish on your fingers? You might be surprised that fluorescent nail polish is actually illegal in the US. So, if the nail polish sold in America is labeled "neon", it is either imported or not actually made with fluorescent dyes. The reason? fluorescent dye has never been officially registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration.

16.Lipsticks were once made with crushed gems

Ancient Mesopotamian women used to crush semi-precious jewelery and use it to adorn their lips. After that, lipsticks began to be made with a variety of ingredients ranging from red beetles to fish scales.

17. In the 1400s, "Beauty is Pain" had a different meaning

Pale, sun-untouched skin was very popular among 15th century women. If women were not naturally endowed with pale, porcelain skin tones, they would do everything from use leeches to suck their blood to make them appear pale.


18. Red Lipstick Is Used To Signify Social Class

During the Middle Ages period, lipstick was used to differentiate social class in Europe. For example, wearing a bright pink lip color signifies high class while a darker red means you are of a lower social status.

19. Fragrances Are Used As Disinfectants

Long before fragrances were used to make a person smell good and fresh, in ancient China they were used for disinfection. Some believe that perfume is so strong that it can help clean a room from disease.

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Those are some unique facts about the world of cosmetics. Which unique facts caught your attention the most?