Mistakes That Often Occur When Using Lipstick

pexels-valeria-boltPhoto by Valeria Boltneva from Pexelseva-850801

Lipstick is a must for women, this item is something that cannot be removed from a makeup bag. Even though it looks easy, did you know that using lipstick also has a trick so that it can last a long time on your lips, here are some common mistakes that many women make when using this cosmetic.

1. Not Using Lip Moisturizer

If you are in a hurry and are pressed for time, many of you will forget to use lip balm before using lipstick. Forcing the application of lipstick on dry lips will actually reduce the perfection of the appearance so that the lip color will appear uneven and lumpy in certain areas. In fact, using lip balm can help make our lips healthy, moisturized, and the lipstick will stick longer. So, don't forget to use lip balm

2. Not Using Lip Liner

Furthermore, what should not be missed is the use of lip liner, maybe some of you feel lazy to use it, but did you know that using lip liner can help make your lips look fuller. You can use neutral colors in its application.

3. Wrong to draw lip lines

This error often occurs without us knowing it. Sometimes we just outline the outside of our lips, actually this isn't a problem, ladies. You should also fill the inside of your lips, so that your lips look fuller. Try it if you haven't, then practice it by filling the inside of your lips too, then compare it when you only draw the outline.

4. You use too much lipstick and overwrite the lipstick

If you apply too much lipstick, it will be easily applied to glasses, clothes, and teeth. After you apply the lipstick, remove it with tissue paper, to avoid extra products.

To avoid getting lipstick on your teeth, put your index finger in your mouth and pull it out quickly. This way you will have the excess product on your fingers.

5. Mistakes in choosing a lipstick color

The color of the lipstick chosen and used will greatly affect the overall makeup result. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right lipstick color. Because, if you choose or just to follow the popular lipstick color trend, this will actually make your face pale or dark.

Just like foundation, you need to choose a lip color that matches your color. The wrong color can make your face look too pale, while the right color can make your face look brighter and your teeth whiter.

6. Never exfoliate your lips

Exfoliating the lips is as important as rubbing the face. A good lip scrub can help get rid of dead skin and make lips smooth. Methods that can be used to help exfoliate the lips can use sugar-based scrubs, baking soda scrubs, honey and sugar crubs or it can be with products made specifically for that.

7. How to polish the wrong lipstick

polishing lipstick on the lips should not be careless. There are rules that need to be applied so that the results can be maximized. Try to brush the lipstick from the center towards the outside, instead of starting from the outside in.

By applying this method of using lipstick, we will be able to frame the lips neatly and will not line the lips. In addition, the results will be much smoother and the long-term effect of the lips will be protected from damage, such as easily chapped.