Factors That Cause Decreased Milk Production

The nutrients contained in breast milk are proven to be the best to meet the balanced nutritional needs of babies for their growth and development. Did you know that the mother's body is designed perfectly by producing breastmilk according to your little one's needs, for example, the composition of breastmilk for normal babies and premature babies is very different, so for mothers with premature babies, don't carelessly give breast milk from normal mothers or formula milk because the most suitable the baby's needs are breastfeeding from his own mother. Seeing the importance of breastfeeding, doctors recommend giving breast milk to at least 2 years of age even though we are 6 months old when we are allowed to provide complementary foods.

On the other hand, about the importance of breastfeeding, many mothers are worried about the decrease in the volume of breast milk that comes out, even though the volume of breastfeeding is automatic according to the needs of the little one, the mother should know what are the factors that the volume of breastfeeding decreases because sometimes it becomes abnormal. The following are some of the factors that cause decreased milk production:

1. Your child is less active in breastfeeding

According to the explanation above, ASI is produced automatically according to your little one's needs. That's why if your baby is less active in breastfeeding, the milk production will decrease. this can be overcome by doing power pumping.

2. medicinal content

often mothers don't notice this. that in addition to being harmful to babies, some medicines also contain substances that can reduce breast milk production, for example a decongestant in cold and allergy medicines. better consult a doctor before using it.

3. unhealthy lifestyle

In this chapter, I am sure that mothers know that an unhealthy lifestyle will affect anything from smoking, fast food, to small things like lack of water (dehydration).

4. Physical and mental health

For mothers who are breastfeeding, it is better to avoid things that make tired, stressed, anxious, sleep deprived, and others that have an impact on the mental health of the mother.

those are some of the factors that can affect milk production. I hope this article can help reduce mother's anxiety. see you later.