Tips for faster cooking times

Hi mom, this time there are some tips to make moms finish cooking in the kitchen faster, yes we all know how cooking is very time-consuming, not to mention having to clean and do other work, so let's just look at the tips,

first the problem of kitchen equipment, from now on, mothers should tidy up cooking utensils according to their function / use. This will make it easier for mothers to find and find it. In addition to being more practical, this will reduce us to touch equipment that you will not use, so you don't need to tidy up more, for example: placing cutting and cutting tools in one place.

In addition to the layout, also prepare cooking utensils so that they are ready for optimal use, for example always sharpening the knife so that the cutting process is faster and for the frying.If you want to make food with a melting texture on the inside and a little brown on the outside, you should always use a large one because it will make all parts brownish. A narrow pan will also produce a lot of steam, causing the dish to burn quickly.

The second problem is the cooking process, get used to it before starting to cook, the mother has prepared all the ingredients, such as spices and others.

And these are some things that you may not know, for spices, you should add dry spices at the beginning of cooking and add fresh spices at the end, for example, use coriander and pepper at the beginning of cooking, because dry spices take longer to strengthen the taste. For fresh seasonings such as garlic, cook quickly in 20 seconds (less because it depends on how hot the pan is). If the garlic is cooked too long, it will taste bitter and lose its aroma.

Third, use the right fire temperature because a fire that is too big can burn the outside but not yet ripe inside, this is also influenced by the amount of oil for the frying process. Use more oil so that the fried ingredients are covered perfectly with oil.

The last thing is don't forget to taste the mother's food, if it doesn't feel right, you can add lime / lemon juice if you don't have it, you can use sour vinegar. Sour can liven up the taste, without making it taste sour. With this, the dish will taste more savory.

That's all for the tips this time mom, I hope this article helps speed up the cooking process at home. Have a nice day. thank you