Tips - Kitchen Sundries Magic


Hi mother, we meet again

this time I will share some magic tips that make working in the kitchen easier. so just follow the tips:

1. Peeling the orange peel

To make it easier to peel the orange peel, you can put the orange in the microwave for 10-15 seconds and the orange is ready to be peeled.

2. peel the boiled eggs

It's annoying if the eggshell is difficult to peel, the fix is ​​to put a little vinegar or soda when boiling it, this material is safe for eggs because it can't get into the egg shell.

3. more orange juice

To produce more orange juice, you only need to put the oranges in the freezer for 20 seconds before you squeeze them, prove it.

4. Cut the onions without crying.

In addition to oranges, the freezer can also be used to store onions before cutting, but not for more than 20 seconds, mom. but if you want to eat raw you should not do this.

5. so that the plastic food wrapping is strong is not easily torn

just like the tips above, we use the freezer again, store the plastic in the mother's freezer.

6. Roast the chicken whole

Furthermore, tips for roasting whole chicken so that they cook evenly, you should position the chicken breast in the direction of the hottest place from the grill. because the chicken breast is all meat dominant, it needs more heat to be able to penetrate deeply.

7. Heats roasted processed food.

Suppose you want to warm a cold pizza, you can heat it in the microwave by placing a glass of water near the pizza. this prevents the pizza from becoming dry but still crunchy. (but keep an eye on the temperature)


that's all mom for tips this time see you later